July 20, 2025

Margie Friends and Fans Hit 40,000

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This lady has a amazing voice her music is great I look forward to Margie releasing more music she will go a long way

Phil Maven

An amazing woman she is. Very talented in deed. The first time I heard your music was on Instagram. It was love at first sight immediately when I heard your beautiful voice. I was so amazed and intrigued by the dedication you have with your music. It's very astonishing how a person with many gifts have so much compassion for music. She's a very beautiful woman with a tremendous amount of talent. She has an angelic voice which appears to be heavenly sent. Everyone please support her with her music making her dreams come true. Margie Chadburn is her name.

Jeffrey Johnson

Margie is a great talent, she’s original & she has a great tone to her voice.
I enjoy Listening to her & watching her.
Keep making the music, it gives a
Lot of people a great deal of pleasure. Don’t underestimate the power of your music
Lee (uk)😀👌🏻

Lee Heselden