Learn How to Make Money with Live Streams And Have High Quality Sound 

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Hi Im Margie and I am a professional singer-songwriter.  I have been doing music full time now for a few years and online live streaming is one of the ways I make income.  I love how I don't have to spend tons of money if any doing online streaming videos.  I made lots of mistakes and those mistakes eventually turned into success in making money through online streaming and thats what I want to share with you.  I am going to save you tons of time and money trying to figure out how you can do it.  Right now there are so many platforms that give organic reach for online streaming.  People are out there that will support you.  It is just finding them, building a relationship and asking in the right way. 


If you are a musician, doing live videos also gives you tons of experience performing live.  It helps you build a community around the world without having to pay thousands of dollars to tour.  You can also have to opportunity to get sponsors and get paid to come to  perform at events from your live stream. 


I have had companies ask to sponsor a video and play at events from doing  live streams.  I could not find any information online anywhere at the time how to create better quality sound so it took me days to figure it out.  I am going to give you all the information about how to create high quality sound for live stream videos, how to ask for the sale in the right way, how to get sponsorships and how to start making an income tomorrow through an online video series.  People tip all the time so lets say 10 people tip you $50 you just made $500 in a 30 minute video!  


There is a ton of opportunity out there.  I have written and recorded in some of the top studios including the Jim Henson Studio in LA,CA and Zack Recording Studio in ATL,GA.  You don't have to wait for a major label to start making a living doing what you love and growing a community that will love what you have to offer to the world.   

I get asked from people all the time about how they can do music and have an income.  I am creating video series that way I can still help people while having time to do what I love which is to create, perform live and ultimately connect with people.  Limited spots are  available so register by April 12th 2020.  To get started register with the link below. 

For one on one consulting you can email soulentertainmentllc@gmail.com.  


“Margie’s music shows that she is a force to be reckoned within the pop world as both a writer and vocalist.”

Mitch Mitchowski Executive Producer Wonderland Records Via Atlantic Records

“Margie was absolutely amazing at our event”

Keller williams Team

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