Light The Dark Retreat

Created by Margie Chadburn

Zion Red Rock Oasis May 28th-30th 2019


The First Light The Dark Event Series will be held at the six million dollar property at the Zion Red Rock Oasis near Zion National Park.  The Event Is a 3 day 2 night stay at a beautiful secluded property featuring a pool, sauna, hot tub, theater room, beach area, river walk and many luxury amenities. Breakfast Included.  This event is for you to see your dreams come to fruition and finding peace in the craziness of life.  Breakfast included.  Several Restaurants available within 10 miles.  ($4700 value)



 This property is truly the essence of a relaxing and healing place.  

I was commissioned and asked to write a few songs for some families.  The loved ones had passed away and I was asked to come perform them on the property.  I performed and met the families on this property the same night.  It was such an incredible experience that I wanted to create an experience with you. 

I know what its like to go through hard things and I have been in a dark place before at certain times in my life and it was connection and music that really helped me overcome it.  That is why I wanted to start the Light The Dark Events.  

I know if you have felt unseen or heard I know how you feel and there is hope.  There's is a way for you to be happy and have a joyful and peaceful life and I will share with you some ways I was able to overcome those dark times at the Light The Dark Event.   


The Light The Dark Movement is about creating events that help people who have felt unseen or heard come out on top.  Book your tickets by May 13th

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“Margie was absolutely amazing at our event”- Keller Williams

The Red Rock Oasis was the get away we needed.  The place allowed for all of us to get together without feeling cramped and chaotic. The Kitchen was beyond anything we had ever seen.  We all enjoyed each other and it was just a vacation retreat with all the amenities in house.  We have 5 other children who needed a place to play, laugh and enjoy friends.  We had a special opportunity to see singer songwriter Margie Chadburn perform live and it was a very healing experience our family will treasure forever.  We also had an experience to meet with a talented photographer who has a the most breathtaking photgraphy.  The main reason for our getaway was due to the loss of our son Truette.  It has been a very hard process.  Our overall experience at the Oasis exceeded our expectations and we are ready for planning our next trip. - Rhoda Family 

"I met Margie this past week in a private meeting where she performed. She has a head of Gold. She is so genuine and has an incredible servants heart. That mixed with a voice like an angel makes he someone you want to be around. I bought every song she has and you should too."  - Lionel Wilson