Light The Dark Movement 

Created by Margie Chadburn

We See You-We Hear You-We Feel You

Floating Hearts

We are putting together a Light The Dark Movement 


We are looking for leaders to help us spread this to anyone who has suffered at one time anxiety, depression, eating disorder, abuse, mental illness, addictions, loss of a loved one and anything else where you haven’t felt seen or heard.  


This campaign is lighting every person's light within them and lighting someone else’s light as well.   


The events will consist of a mix of music, learning how to find that light within again and highlighting stories of people that have been in dark places and have been able to overcome it.

Why put this together?  Because I personally suffered through some dark times and it was music and connection that helped pull me into the light.  I see you, I hear you and I know what you are going through if you have ever been there.  That is why I wanted to put this campaign together. 

This is how it works-


You can contribute anything you can afford. Every dollar helps.











































































*$500 per month-Sunlight Leader

Personal Care Package

Free worldwide shipping

This is a personal surprise of things that you can use to take some self care and bring more peace into your life and everything included in packages below.

(Must be member for 3 consecutive months)

You will be invited into a special community where you will receive videos once a week 

and tips and tricks how to have a peaceful and joyful life. 

You will receive everything in the $1, $15 and $50 packages 

Please click monthly box at checkout 

(Limit 300)

*$50 per month-Moonlight Leader

A lantern shipped worldwide mailed out to you to light and write your purpose on your lantern at one of the light the dark events.

Whether you are there physically or virtually.

You will be in private group where you will receive 1 video and/or 

letter per week on tips and tricks on how to find peace and joy in your life. 

You will receive everything in the $1 and $15 package

May cancel at anytime

Please click monthly box at checkout

(Limit 2000)

*$15 per month-Half Moon Leaders

You will receive all Margie Albums digital downloads

Everything included in $1 package

May cancel at anytime

Please check monthly box at checkout

*$1 a month-Stars 

As long as you are a member will have your name and or dream/aspiration written on the Light The Dark Website Page. 

You will be invited into the private Facebook group to bring people together who have felt unseen or heard. 

Please click monthly box at checkout 

May cancel at anytime

(No Limit)


Member Monthly Packages

Buddha Statue

*$1000 per month-Shooting Star Leader   

 1 Day Light The Dark Experience near your location worldwide.  You will receive 5 passes for other people to come.  This will include an mix of music, sharing and creating an experience off of your story.


You can choose to have a song written about your story and you will receive a professional

Acoustic piano and/or guitar recording of the song.

You will receive everything in the $1, $15, $50 and $500 packages

Please click monthly box at checkout. (Must be a member for 5 consecutive months) (Limit 6)


Please note at this point in time this is not a non-profit organization.  Light The Dark Movement is for giving experiences that help bring people out of dark places that feel unseen or heard.  This helps creates events, creative music and videos, marketing, production and provides a way for people to live to their fullest potential.